Why my life is not as perfect as Instagram makes it look like

This post will only be available in English, but I am sure that my German readers will understand it perfectly :)

First of all – yes my life looks pretty cool on Instagram but it is not always perfect. I chose to show you what I love and these are of course the good parts of my life. But I promise you – it is not nearly as perfect as you might think.

Let’s start with the fact that I am studying, working and blogging. All at the same time… A job and blogging would have been enough if you ask me, or styding and blogging but I got the opportunity to study business law and took that chance. Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret making that choice, I feel very privileged to have the chance to study and be able to broaden my knowledge. I know in many other countries studying is very hard, in particular for women and very expensive. So living in Germany definitely gave me the chance to do what I want and to be able to make my choices when it comes to qualifications. But doing all these things at the same time, still being good and it and maintaining a social life are very difficult. So if you don’t see that much of me on Instagram it is because I am struggling and because I am stressed. Do I think of quitting my studies? Yes of course I did. Thats just natural I guess, but quitting is not really me and so I will try to finish it this summer (fingers crossed).

I chose to show you beautiful pictures and positive ones, because I believe that you know my life is not always perfect. But positive vibes are so important and I don’t want to bring you down to my problems or any negativity even though it is only human. Yes, I don’t always feel pretty, I am stressed out at exams and sometimes I just want some time offline. I get sick too and I have to work for a living. I am very lucky that I was able to get great collaborations via Instagram and that I can travel a lot, but it is not always glamorous. I will soon show you how I travel sometimes when I am not staying in star hotels (actually end of April, beginning of May, so keep an eye open for that).

So when you think my life is perfect, believe me it is not. I don’t want to complain for the stuff that brings me down sometimes, because I still feel very lucky. I just sometimes forget that it might look more perfect than it really is. But at the same time, do you really want to see, when I am feeling down? Do you want to know when I am stressed out with exams or work? So just keep in mind, when I am not very active there, it is most likely because I am not in a good mood or just busy with something else. If you want to see these things, write me a DM or comment here, so that I know that I can post that too.

But most of all: don’t compare your life with the life you see on Instagram. It is only what people choose to show you and not always reality. I work hard for my money and I can only encourage you to do something that you love. Because if you do something that you love life will be easier on you. I hope you still see my blog and my feed as source of inspiration and I hope I can bring some aloha spirit to your life as well.

Mahalo for listening to this more private subject


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