How to do your own fake freckles

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I am so in love with fake freckles (basically because I don’t have natural ones).

Some time ago I did a photoshoot and got some fake freckles. Once I saw the pics I was more than in love with the results. They looked so real and even felt so real.

So ladies if you have freckles, good for you :) but if you don’t and want to have some, at least sometimes, try my way.

For some pictures I even do my fake freckles now myself, because it is actually not as hard as it seems.

Here is how I do it:

  1. Do your usual make up or the look you want to have without the freckles. In summer I only use a very light foundation or make up and love bronzer and glow. Not too much on the eyes and maybe just a bright lip colour or natural one. I like it more natural in general.
  2. Now we are getting serious. How to mix your freckles. Yes, I am not painting them with a pencil. To get a more natural look I was told that I can mix eyebrows gel, eyeshadow or eyeliner with water. Always go for a very light tone, too dark will make the freckles look like dirt (we don’t want that right). When I mix them I always use my eyebrows gel and water.
  3. Now comes the tricky part. To apply the mix for the freckles I use a lash/mascara applicator, but the mix on it and splash it against my face (keep in mind that some of the mix will splash behind you so a shower is great or even on the balcony works well). Because the applicator splashes in an uncoordinated way you get a very natural result on your skin. Check in between where some spots are still left out.
  4. For a more natural result you should also apply the freckle mix on your shoulders and arms and hands. Thats what other don’t do, but if you have freckles they are usually there too. And that makes it just look very natural. And if there are too many freckles on one spot just use a cotton swap to take some of to make it look more natural.
Fake Freckles Malia Keana

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