Wanderlust: Bali – my fav restaurants, bars and beach clubs

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Bali Lovers, it’s time to talk about stuff to do when being in Bali. And what is better than having amazing and yummy food, spending time at the beach and party a bit?!

So here is my collection of favorite restaurants, bars and beach clubs. Hope you enjoy and find something that fits your style ;)


A Hawaiian restaurant in Bali – I had to check it out and I loved it. The style is very nice and the food is mainly seafood. Moana is located in Canggu and usually fully booked, so you have to make a reservation. We found the place by surprise and it was a spontaneous idea to have dinner there, but totally worth it. The dishes are mainly fish hawaiian style with lots of sweet potato and for example mango papaya sauce. Prices for a main dish are between 6-10€.

One of the locations of the „La Laguna“ family and located in the center of Seminyak. If you have already visited La Laguna or La Plancha you know that with these places the decoration and style is the main factor. So much details and so amazing interior. La Favela is not only a restaurant but also club on the weekend. As the name does assume, it is a brasilian restaurant. The food is in the same price range as with La Laguna or La Brisa.

Sea Circus is a very colorful and good vibes place. Tuesdays its Taco Tuesday time. The tacos are indeed very good there. The location itself reminds of an old diner in the 60s. They menu does have vegetarian options. And they also serve churros, yummy. Just around the corner there is the famous Motel Mexicola. So you can have dinner in Sea Circus and then have some Mojitos or Tequila over there.

Again, a restaurant we did not intend to find, but rather found us. And a very nice and beautiful place. Batik has a very southern style, as I would say. The interior is very elegant and nice and the cuisine is amazing. Worth the visit for sure and located Seminyak center, nearby Seminyak Square.

One of my favorite breakfast locations. Cafe Organic is located Seminyak and Canggu and very popular. The breakfast smoothie bowls are so yummy. They have a great selection to choose from and even offer mermaid latte (I mean, what is more suitable for me). I love the interior of Cafe Organic and the smell, because it just smells fruity everywhere. A perfect place for my vegetarian and vegan friends :)

A smaller place located in Seminyak but very nice. Another place where you can have breakfast or just a coffee and enjoy a banana bread and just relax. I recommend the matcha churros with salted caramel dip (omg so so yummy).

Maybe one of the most instagrammable places in Bali. See why

Kynd Community Bali Malia Keana

Now you know ;)

The perfect breakfast place, because, well just because. So many vegan options of smoothie bowls, fruit stuff and even bread and so on. The drinks are also very unique and Kynd Community is very active in reducing plastics on the island. This place is really making a change and very nice. Loved it and you have to check them out (and take a picture at their super cute pink monstera wall).

Not so popular (not yet, a secret spot as I would say) but perfect for breakfast. The smoothie bowls are really nice and really big and the interior is super cute. Flamingos and pink – perfect for me. Located in Canggu and the prices are such a great deal.

The Shady Shack is located in Canggu, a bit hidden but such a beautiful house. Its great if you want to have breakfast or dinner there. The options are mainly vegetarian and vegan and everything I have tasted so far was very yummy (and I have been there quite some times). The prices for a main dish are between 10-12€ I would say.

Gypsy is a smaller place but also very nice and also located in Canggu. If you make it and get a place at the terrace,that is where you want to be. The menu does have vegetarian and vegan options and is not so big. So they don’t make choosing food so difficult for you, because everything is yummy anyway and the dishes are very big.


Single Fin is located in Uluwatu overlooking Uluwatu beach. Perfect for a sundowner or for having some food while watching the surfers. It is the perfect location for parties on the weekend with own DJ and great island vibes. The food is also very good there, we tried several dishes. So if you are nearby Balangan or Bingin Beach, Single Fin is where you want to go.

La Cabina is a pretty new place in Batu Beling (just some minutes away from Seminyak) and it is not only a bar. It is a breakfast place with floating breakfast (yes you are eating your brekkin in the pool) and reminds of a motel in the 60s. La Cabina gave me Miami vibes and it is a very fashionable place to have some food and drinks. The floating breakfast is for two people and includes a starter, a main dish, juice and coffee for around 13€ per person.

La Cabina Bali Malia Keana
La Cabina Bali Malia Keana


La Cabina Bali Malia Keana
La Cabina Bali Malia Keana
La Cabina Bali Malia Keana
La Cabina Bali Malia Keana

Maybe one of my favorite favorite places in entire Bali. I have seen pictures of La Laguna on Instagram before I even knew it was in Bali. La Laguna is located in Batu Beling right on the beach. And the decoration and style is one of a kind. You find a huge sitting area with pillows on the grass and tables around. The restaurant is in the middle with very nice interior style and my highlight – the gypsy wagons around. Some are in pink or purple or green, each one is unique.

La Laguna hosts amazing parties once each two months and they also show open air movies every month in summer. The perfect place for dinner and drinks and having a great time. Dishes for dinner are around 10-15€.

La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana
La Laguna Bali Malia Keana

Beach Clubs

The newest addition to the La Laguna family and nothing less then amazing. La Brisa is located at Echo Beach and reminds of an old pirate ship. The beach club has a pool inside, another pool on the side as a lagoon and several houses with restaurants and beds to rent. The view for sunset, sunrise or beach is perfect and the food is also very yummy and unique. Every Friday they host the Favela of the Sea, a party with free entry. Sometimes they also so themed parties and events and thats where you want to go. We loved La Brisa. The entry during the day is 20€ minimum spend (including food and beverages).

A beach club located in Canggu on the opposite site of Old Mans and right on the beach. On Friday The Lawn is also a great party location and for sundowners it is amazing anyway. The sitting areas in the middle are free so you might want to come in early and have a seat and enjoy the pool and sun and have a sip in the ocean in between.

Jungle Fish is the beach club without beach because it is location right in the jungle of Ubud. And that is exactly why Jungle Fish is so special. You are overlooking the jungle while swimming in the infinity pool and having jungle and island vibes at the same time. Life is amazing on Bali. And just look at this pic. It can’t get any better.

Jungle Fish Bali Malia Keana

These are just a few places in Bali, but so far my favorite ones. Coffee is very popular in Bali, they have their own coffee and roasts and therefore you will find an amazing offer of coffee places all over the island.

The food in general is not very expensive, unless you pick a very hip and famous restaurant. If you choose to eat street food, keep in mind that dog meat is still sold on the island (yes to tourists as well, and yes it is the meat of the street dogs there). I don’t want to scare you but it is still an issue in Bali unfortunately.

If you want to have an alcoholic beverage in Bali you will realize that the prices for cocktails, wine or beer are higher than usual drinks. Yes alcohol in Bali is more expensive. A bottle of wine can easily cost you around 10€ (and in Germany you would pay 4€). So duty free shopping is your best friend and maybe skipping some drinks is also an option.

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