Wanderlust: Bali x Nusa Penida x Nusa Ceningan

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Wanderlust Bali goes on…

So this post is about two day trips we did. If you have spare time or want to see more of Indonesia than just Bali I can recommend you to visit the neighboring islands Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan.

These day trips can be organized by travel agencies or day trips provider or you can just spontaneously book them on the streets. There are lots of possibilities to choose from. I would like to tell you, how we did it and what we did.

  • Nusa Ceningan

We did a day tour with Underwaterscooter Bali to Nusa Ceningan because we wanted to see the underwater Buddha statues. What I have to tell you in advance is that underwater visibility depends on the weather and day. So you can get a day, when the water is crystal clear and the sun is shining and you can get a day, when it is cloudy and the visibility is not so good. Unfortunately we had a cloudy day and the visibility underwater was not perfect.

Having said that Nusa Ceningan is still worth a trip. There is a lot to see. If you are not going for the Buddha snorkeling you can visit the Blue Lagoon, which is just as the name describes. A stunner, blue beach.

Nusa Ceningan has also a so called Secret Beach and the Mahana Point, which are both worth a visit. Another site is the famous Yellow Bridge. In 2016, 9 people lost their lives and almost 20 others were injured when the entire bridge collapsed into the shallow ocean beneath it. The bridge has been rebuilt and has been titled ‘The Bridge of Love’.

Nusa Ceningan is just 50-60 minutes away by boat and the ferries depart daily from Sanur and other places to the other island. Even different hours each day and not just once.

Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana
Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana
Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana
Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana
Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana
Nusa Ceningan Malia Keana

  • Nusa Penida

Another day tour we did with our friends from hungrybackpack was Nusa Penida.

Nice Tour Bali offers quite a range of different day tours to Nusa Penida, with different activities. We choose the one day tour option and visited: Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach, Kelingking Secret Point and Crystal Bay.

Of course there are even more things to see on Nusa Penida. Like snorkeling with manta rays, visiting the Peguyangan Waterfall or going to Atuh Beach. Nusa Penida is still kind of remote and not too many resorts and hotels are there. Which makes it a perfect place for exploring and backpacking and enjoying the beautiful nature on the island.

Nice Tour Bali provides you a local driver the entire tour and we had so much fun with him. He was the nicest person, so kind and best photographer and tour guide you can imagine. Food and beverages are included in the trip and the transfer from Sanur to Nusa Penida took around 45 minutes by boat.

My absolute highlight was Kelingking Beach, even though we could only see it from above and did not make the 2 hrs. climb down. The view is stunning. The colors of the water and the waves rolling in are just amazing. I could have stayed there for hours and just watched the ocean. I guess it is one of my fav beaches in the entire world. And yes, I have seen a lot of beaches in my life, trust me.

Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penia Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana
Nusa Penida Malia Keana Crystal Bay
Nusa Penida Malia Keana Crystal Bay
Nusa Penida Malia Keana Crystal Bay

(The bikini is from Na Wahine Lole, Oahu Hawaii)

I guess now Fernweh caught you and you want to pack your bags and fly to Bali. I would totally understand it and I can only say that Bali is always worth a trip and that there is so much to see even around Bali. Nusa Penida is an island I also want to visit again and the second time you will find me at Kelingking Beach. Aloha and see you there.

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