My all-time favorite fragrances

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This post will only be available in English, but as always I know you will understand it ;)

A perfume is like a piece of clothing, a message, a way of presenting oneself a costume that differs according… – Paloma Picasso

Have you ever felt that a certain fragrance reminds you of something good, a memory or something you experienced?

For me fragrances are kind of the current state of my soul and I connect certain smells to memories.

So using fragrances to me are kind of a way to portray how I feel today. They make an outfit or make up complete for me.

I am usually not using seasonal fragrances, because I connect seasonal scents with memories anyway. Like the smell of my Biotherm sunscreen will always remind me of Bali. Or the smell of the streets just after rain will always remind me of my childhood.

So when I choose a fragrance I want to create an entire look and I want to keep that memory. I prefer using au de perfume fragrances, because they are stronger (even if it is a light fragrance in general).

If I am in a hurry I just use a body spray and I am obsessed by the Victorias Secret Body Sprays (my favorite one is Aqua Kiss, guess why ;)) but I also love the Bath and Body Works body sprays, because they are so unique and last very long (my favorites hare are Moonlight Path and Japanese Cherry Blossom).

And now we are looking at my favorite perfumes:

I have and will always be a big fan of the Escada Summer fragrances, because they are so fresh and playful and smell like vibrant summer vibes. The current one has a bit of watermelon in it and is just perfect for a summer day on the beach or pool.

We all know I am a Chanel addict and yes it does not stop at the fragrances (sorry, not sorry). My first Chanel fragrance was Chance, then I added Allure and then Coco Mademoiselle. Chance is pretty much the fragrance of my personality. I can’t put it in any other words. Allure is a more mature version of me and Coco Mademoiselle is the playful girl in me. I love them all and they are so different from each other. I am using these fragrances now for more than ten years and never get tired of them.

Another scent I just love is Chloé. Apparently men love it too because I get a lot of compliments on my scent and outfit when I wear this particular perfume. So the perfect one for a dinner or girls night out ;)

And now let us talk about Zara fragrances. Zara offers a more affordable version of Chloé  in its scent Powdery Magnolia. With the price of around 13€ you don’t have to feel guilty if you just use it everyday.

Another Zara fragrance I love is Orchid. I discovered it some time ago and I really like it for my every day casual looks.

And my current Zara favorite is Jasmine Bouquet. I bought several once, because I am scared it might be a seasonal fragrance. I just love the scent of Jasmine and this one is kind of strong but light at the same time. The scent is my spring scent.

And whenever I am in Bali I always get a portion of Frangipani Scent, because it reminds me of Hawaii as my happy place and Frangipanis (or Plumerias if you call them like that) are my favorite flowers.

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