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I am sure it is a dream of lots of girls and woman to one day, own a Chanel bag. It was my dream, too.

My first Chanel bag was actually the white 2.55 from the following pictures. It’s vintage and I got it in Australia. I still have it and I still love that bag.

But let’s get back to the point – Chanel is a fashion label that portrays timeless style, beauty and fashion. And today I want to show you some looks, which are looking like classic Chanel look, but are more affordable.

So I hope you like my interpretation of the Chanel Style in these looks and I hope you find something for yourself here, too.

  • Casual Chanel look 

This is a more casual interpretation of Chanel Style. I am wearing a Tweed skirt by Üterque, which looks like Chanel or even Balmain (remember that Karl Lagerfeld used to design for Balmain, so you see the influence here). I paired it with a classic black pullover with pearly bottoms (which is totally Chanel). The pullover is by Zara and you can find it in different colors. The total price of this look is approx. 150€ and you can wear the skirt at the office and the pullover with jeans, too.

Currently Üterque also has a Tweed Coat, which reminds me of Chanel, too. Or how about a puffer jacket in the very typical Chanel houndstooth print?

Chanel Üterque Look Malia Keana


  • Playful light blue Chanel look 

So this looks is inspired by the pastel tweed Chanel looks of last season. Tweed looks are in general very Chanel and this look is entirely Zara.

So shirt and skirt are in total approx. 60€. This look is super cute and so effortless. It is perfect for summer and spring time and even for fall or winter with tights.

Zara also has a more colorful set if you are not a fan of blue. Of if you like red, you might want to have a look at this look.

Blue Zara Chanel Look Malia Keana
Blue Zara Chanel Look Malia Keana
Blue Zara Chanel Look Malia Keana
Blue Zara Chanel Look Malia Keana

  • Coco Chanel look

I think that this is my favorite look, because when I put it together I felt it was very sophisticated and elegant. A standout look but just simple. And I want to believe that Coco or Gabrielle Chanel was just like that.

So I am waring a tweed shirt by Zara with a tweed cap (which is just copied to be honest).  The skirt is last last season, but I think it was around 30€ and the look in total is then 60€. And I believe it looks more expensive, because the style is timeless. It is simple elegance and I would actually wear this look for work. I added pearl earring and I am wearing a Chanel 2.55 bag and black heels. But if you want to copy this look, you can easily add a tweed bag by Zara or a tweed belt bag by Zara. You can either add heels or tweed ballerinas, also by Zara or if you want to wear boots, which totally look like Chanel ones, too. And yes you may even wear tweed sneakers with this look, I mean why not?

Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana
Zara Chanel Look Malia Kana

  • Simple tweed dress look 

This look is very simple but still very Chanel.

I am waring a tweed dress, again by Zara. I choose this option with long sleeves, but they currently have another dress, which is very Chanel too. Then just add heels, booties or sneakers, whatever you feel like et voila. This is your last Chanel look and it is just 50€. You can add a tweed blazer if you want to.

Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel
Tweed dress Zara Malia Keana Chanel

So these are my affordable Chanel looks for you. They are not Chanel, but they look very much like Chanel and they are elegant and timeless.

Tweed will never be out of season, you will always find pieces in stores and if you combine them in the right way, they will make your look more expensive and elegant. Just like a timeless Chanel bag ;)

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