Wanderlust: Brussels – visit the Royal Greenhouses in Laeken

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It was my dream since a couple of years to visit the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken and finally, this year, we made it :)

The Royal Greenhouses are located in Brussels and only open to the public for three weeks (yes, that’s why we did not make it earlier, timing is everything). But it’s worth the trip, I can assure you.

When I saw a picture of the tropical house with huge palm trees and the design of the roof I was obsessed. I had to see it myself and it is such a beautiful place to be.

Even though you have to get used to the idea that other tourists will visit the greenhouses with you. So either you pick a weekday or you go early early in the morning.

Miri – from the souldfoodtraveller and myself made it to Brussels on the last weekend of the opening of the gardens and it was a Saturday morning. Yes there were tons of tourist with us, but even the gardens around the greenhouses were worth the trip.

Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses


The monumental pavilions, glass cupolas, wide arcades that cross the site like covered streets, are much more than an anecdote on the architectural applications of iron and glass or on little greenhouses of exotic plants. What the Royal Greenhouses express concerns architecture and, specifically, a major construction programme: the „Ideal Glass Palace“.

I think the style of the glasshouses is inspired by the Art Nouveau (or so called Jugendstil). My absolute highlight was the Winter Garden:

Designed by architect Alphonse Balat and built between 1874 and 1876, the Winter Garden was the first greenhouse in the imposing city of glass which would be built over thirty years on the Laeken estate. The dimensions of this greenhouse allowed tall palm trees, the majority of which date from the time of Leopold II. As soon as it was completed, this greenhouse was used for royal receptions.


Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses
Malia Keana Laeken Royal Greenhouses

I mean just look at these pictures, how could you not love this place?

I am sure we will come back another year (maybe on a weekday). If you want to spend a day in Brussels, this is were to start your day and then afterwards enjoy the beautiful city of Brussels, have some fries and enjoy life.

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