Living with Karl – plastic free challenge

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My plastic free challenge did not stop when it comes to my dog Karl. I said I would decrease my plastic waste and consumption and I surely did.

But plastic free with dogs? Considering the problem of plastic poo bags? I have good news – there are ways to even decrease the plastic there. So here are my tipps for you on how to reduce plastics when you have a dog.

  • Paper poo bags

I already wrote about the possibility of using paper poo bags here. But these are hard to get and I know from my own experience, sometimes I forget them. So what to do now?

I started using sandwich paper bags instead of plastic poo bags for my dog. They are totally the same, you can use them the same way. They are solid but made of paper. Which means they will break down earlier and are easier to recycle. You can get them in almost very supermarket and don’t have to go to animal stores and you can carry them with you in your bags, too. They don’t smell (like some plastic bags for dog poo do). And they are cheaper than the plastic poo bags for dogs.

  • Upcycling

A lot of dog leashes are made of plastics. But there is an alternative – cotton.

I just recently discovered SleepyCotton. They offer a great way of upcyling and sustainable way of leashes. While most leashes are made of materials such as polyester or nylon, Sleepy Cotton’s rope leashes are made of a naturally elastic yet very strong cotton material. If you’re looking for a leash to provide maximum comfort for your dog regardless of their age, The Upcycled Core 100% sustainable rope leash protects your dog from everyday neck injury and long-term neck injury. And they look so cute and beautiful. They come in different lengths and colors.

  • Organic, vegan, solid dog shampoo bars

I recently started using solid shampoo myself and why should I not use this kind of shampoo for my dog, too? I started do to some research and there is a huge range of solid, vegan, organic shampoo bars for dogs (maybe even more than for humans, which is interesting). Sleepy Cotton also offers a selection of shampoo bars in very nice scents.

The solid bar company is taking it to the next level and incorporated bug repellent into their solid bars, which is really nice.

If you like doing stuff yourself, there are many diy recipes online to do your own dog shampoo bar (and your own human shampoo bar, too). Be inventive, don’t take no for an answer and try to be more sustainable, in every way.

  • Treats

I shop dog treats with my own bags. Why or how? Well if you visit your local pet store you get treats in all kinds of bags and wrappings. And some you can even buy in bulks without wrapping or bags. You can easily bring your own bag or glass or container and buy the treats in a sustainable way. Usually if you by chewing stuff or treats like this you have to weight them and thats it. The stores offer plastic bags to transport the treats but if you bring your own bag, container or glass to store them you also don’t have to think about the smell of the treats. Because they are packed right away (I love using glass containers or tuppa ware for these and the treats just are as yummy as the wrapped ones, promise). And another plus, because usually the bulk treats are cheaper than the wrapped ones ;) just saying…

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