I am back – Aloha

Dieser Post wird nur in Englisch verfügbar sein.

So here I am again – I had to take a little creative break and take care of other things in my life.

I am back now with new energy, fresh ideas, things I want to write about and some stuff that will change on my blog.

I am working on a huge project (at least for me it is) and therefore I won’t be able to post as much as I did last year. I am planning on having 2-3 posts a week on the blog and I hope that you will still read them and be inspired by them or like them. Otherwise I am happy to receive your comments and thoughts on what I should change or what you would like to see here.

I will also keep you posted about my secret project when the time has come. It is a very important project to me and yes at this point it is still very time consuming.

I will also be more active again on Instagram and post more stories there. So if you want to follow me there, you are more than welcome to do so.

Right now I am packing for my trip to Marrakech and another Wanderlust – secret spot Marrakech post will be coming soon as well as some outfit posts and lots of beautiful pictures.

I am happy that you are all reading my blog – than you and aloha


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