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Today’s post is a personal one about some thoughts that I have. And I thought I wanted to share them with you.

So this is about relationships – not the one you have with your friends or yourself but with a partner, your love, your soulmate maybe. I think that society has given us a certain image when we should get married, have kids, settle down and how these relationships should be.

I sometimes feel kind of lost when I look at my life. I feel pressure to settle down and to get married even though I am quite happy with my life. And I know a lot of you struggle too. So I read a lot about it and I listened to myself. What I want and why I feel pressure. I think we all should do this from time to time and we should also think about our life goals from time to time and why we want them.

Since relationships are so important and dating has changed so much within the last years I wanted to share a certain story with you, because I really love this idea:

The legend of the red string

An old Chinese story or belief says that when we are born, Yue Lao (a Chinese God) will knot a red string to your foot or hand and will also knot the other side to the foot or hand of your soulmate.

This red string is your destiny string – it ties us to our soulmate and will connect us with them forever. With this red string it is inevitable that one day we will finally meet our soulmate.

This red string connects our souls. It cannot be destroyed. It will never rip.

I think this is a beautiful idea just to trust your timing and to trust that out there someone is just waiting for you to be found. and I think it also reminds us that when we found a special person and when things get messy or hard we should never just leave. Maybe we should forgive more often, stay, work things out and not expect our relationship or love to be just perfect.

Can you relate?

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