Wanderlust: Marrakech – Secret Spots

Dieser Post wird nur in Englisch verfügbar sein. Den ersten Wanderlust Post zu Marrakech findet ihr hier. Bei Fragen schreibt mir gerne und die Links funktionieren auch in Deutsch.

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I had to go back to Marrakech. And so here I am – this is my second wanderlust post about Marrakech.

You can find my first one here.

This post is shorter than my usual wanderlust postings, because it is only about my current secret spots in Marrakech. I am sharing some of my best kept secrets here with you ;) enjoy the pictures and hopefully you find some inspiration for your next trip to Marrakech

  • Accomodation

I will always prefer the small riads in Marrakech. Although the bigger and exclusive hotels like „Royal Mansour“ or „La Mamounia“ are beautiful destinations but you can find a lot of secret gems in Marrakech when it comes to riads. They are smaller, sometimes very exclusive, too and on one hand traditional and on the other hand very stylish.

The riad we stayed in was Numa Marrakech – perfectly located within the Souks of the Medina and a minimalistic oasis within Marrakech. The Riad is being run by an Italian couple (interior designers and yes they are brilliant in their work). Numa is a stunning riad, which you would not notice from the outside. But once they open their doors for you – it is a journey through interior goals and traditional moroccan design. Numa has six rooms (suits and junior suites), a beautiful patio with orange trees, a small pool and a terrace. Riads in general are designed to be a bit darker, but Numa is floated by light. From the terasse you can see the souks, the Medina and the big Mosque Koutoubia.

Malia Keana x Riad Numa Marrakech


Malia Keana x Riad Numa Marrakech
Malia Keana x Riad Numa Marrakech

Numa lies within the Souks and the Place d’espices, restaurants and the place Jamaa El Fna are just around the corner.

Claudia, her husband and her employees made our stay just truly perfect. The food (breakfast, which is included in the daily rates) was the best we had in Marrakech and they were very helpful in restaurant recommendations and making reservations for dinner.

  • Things to do

I am not going to start with shopping at the souks or going to the YSL museum. Yes, these are musts in Marrakech, but how about something you do when you are there for your second time?

If you don’t want to go with the crowds and still want to see one of the beautiful gardens of Marrakech you have to check out the Jardin Secret (the name is true, it is a secret garden, hidden in the Medina).

Jardin Secret is around the same size as Jardin Majorelle but more traditional. It is not as crowded and the entry is 50 Dirham (around 5 Euros). There is a little art gallery in the garden and a terrace restaurant. We loved the scent of lavender in the garden and the dark green tiles on the floor.

Jardin Secret Marrakech
Jardin Secret Marrakech
Jardin Secret Marrakech
Jardin Secret Marrakech
  • Restaurants

In general vegan food is difficult to get in Marrakech. Vegetarian is a bit easier. Keep that in mind if you are vegan or vegetarian and going to Marrakech.

Le Salama

We had the pleasure to have dinner in Le Salama one evening and it was amazing. The restaurant is located at the place Jamaa El Fna and easy to find. They even have a sky bar  and window seatings to watch the beautiful sunsets of Marrakech (absolutely recommended). The design of the restaurant is really unique and beautiful. It reminded me of a garden with all the plants on the walls and the great interior decoration and design. The food is a selection of moroccan dishes. We had the selection of salads (such a huge and great selection), the vegetarian Tajine and the (oh so yummy) chocolate cake. The cocktails are very good and you should always have a fresh mint tea after dinner. The service was also great and they even had a little bellydance show. I have never seen one before and I loved it.

Le Salma is definately a restaurant I will come back to.

Malia Keana x Le Salama Marrakech



Actually Nomad is not a secret spot anymore, but it was just five minutes from Numa and they offer amazing vegan and vegetarian dishes. However I would recommend to make a reservation, even for lunch. They are always packed and the terrace is very crowded during sunset and dinner time.

They also now have a little shop where you can buy some local products, which are perfect gifts and souvenirs.

We had the fresh juices (yes, a must) and the feta- frittata (foodporn). And the absolute must is the sticky date pudding with salted caramel sauce. The prices are a bit higher than at smaller restaurants, but its worth it. I promise.

La Famille

Claudia recommended La Famille as one of her secret spots and she was right. It is a beautiful and very nice restaurant. The food is very good and the design is lovely. They also have a little store inside with products and the name is just like the restaurant. It is a very familiar and calm atmosphere. The perfect place to have lunch or even just a tea.

So these are my absolute secret spots for you. If you have some more for me, please let me know. I will definately come back next year.

So if you decide you want to book your accommodation/hotel via booking.com feel free to use my link (you get 15€ off your booking and I get 15€ off my next booking, short and sweet we both win).

These beautiful pictures were taken by my friend and photographer Viviana Galletta.



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