5 ways to travel more sustainably

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From my own experience I gathered some tips that helped me to make my travels more sustainable. And since I thought they could help I am now sharing them with you.

1. Choose your airline wisely

Okay right staying home is the best way to travel more sustainable. However, sometimes there is no other way around flying somewhere. But still you can make a difference, you can choose your airline while keeping your carbon footprint as low as low as possible. For example Air France-KLM and easyJet are among those trying to address the problematic aspects of flying by cutting fuel consumption and adjusting wingtip design to reduce noise and increase fuel efficiency. Or Cathay Pacific is especially progressive in its approach, which includes fleet modernisation, air traffic management and trials of electric vehicles. Some airlines even go further and try to be plasticfree these days. And if you choose these airlines you proof them right. If they start doing it and they are successful others will follow. It’s that easy.

2. Animals aren’t an attraction 

Do you really think the elephant is happy to carry around tourists? Have you ever wondered how they are taught to carry you around? What about swimming with dolphins? Has it always been your dream to do this?

Well well, animals are no probs. Studies show that if animals are too close to humans they experience high levels of stress (I am not talking about domestic animals but rather wild animals, which have been taken from their wild environment). Tourists interrupt their natural habits. So yes, of course you should be interested in animals and by being interested you are showing you care but please look for conservation projects or look at them from a distance and meet them in their natural habitat. Don’t disrupt their natural behavior. And never ever believe a tiger loves to cuddle with you just because you meet them in a monastery.

3. BYO – Bring your own 

BYO is very popular when it comes to dining and bringing your own wine. But why just wine? You can also just bring your own reusable straw or coffee mug. You can bring your own cup into the airplane. You can bring your own reusable bottle and have it refilled. You can bring your own container if you are doing take away. You can bring your own bag and ditch the plastic ones. So many options. It’s not even uncommon do to this anymore, so why just doing it at home and not on your vacation as well?

4. Don’t be fooled

Everybody has realised that being sustainable and eco-friendly is the latest trend. Everybody is doing it – right?! Of course lots of travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, tour guides claim their offer is eco-friendly. But remember greenwashing does not only take place in the fashion industry. It is also happening in the travel industry, so don’t be fooled by their great offer but ask questions. Do some research in advance and be sure that the eco-friendly tour or hotel or whatever they offer is really eco-friendly. Looking into the subject and doing your homework is not that difficult.

5. Do something yourself

It’s so easy to blame others for not acting the proper way. But you know what’s even better?

Doing something yourself. So implement your own routine of living more sustainable. Join beach cleanups. Travel lighter. Find your own way of changing something in your old routine. The little things will make a huge difference the end. Talk about it. Discuss it with others and tell your story. You don’t have to do everything 100% perfectly. Imperfection is a step forward but just start.

So I hope this helps you to find some ways on how you can travel more sustainable. If you have more hacks for me I’d be happy to hear them.

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