Why my „new“ Chanel bag is vintage

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Let us start this with some facts about the value of a classic Chanel bag:

If you bought a classic Chanel (Caviar Jumbo Flap bag in 2009) for around 2695$ the price has actually increased to 6100$ (in 2018). A Medium Boy Chanel Bag was introduced 2011 starting at 2500$ and is now at 5400$ (in 2018).

This development is of course also due to price changes for material, but the high increases in prices to not scare customers off. It is actually the opposite: Exclusivity makes people want something more. Chanel continues to thrive, despite price increases.

So a Chanel bag is an investment! The Chanel bag value increased around 70% over the last 6 years and makes it a better investment that real estate or stock (even a study has proven that).

Chanel Vintage Bag Malia Keana

Why always new?!

I wanted a red camera bag for a very long time and I was looking for a particular model from Chanel. It was a vintage one with the Bijou-Chain and must have been around the 90s. But since I know that a Chanel bag is an investment (at least for me) I was wondering if I should get a new one or keep on looking for the vintage model. Some vintage models are very rare and even have a way higher value than new ones.

I really wanted a red camera bag because I love the shape of these camera bags and I wanted a bag that was not black. A black classic Chanel is great and matches with everything, but I believe that bags or clothing in general also hat to match you and your character. And a red bag is just me.

So I have been looking for my bag for a year now and I found really beautiful models, but just not the one I wanted. I checked every online vintage store I could find and even wrote them to ask if they can source the bag. But yes, I wanted a rare model (lucky me). And my friends kept asking me, why don’t you just get a new one in red?

I did check out the latest camera bag models of Chanel in the store but looking at around 6 different bags, mine was just not there. I felt like none of these bags really matched me and so I kept looking. A new bag was nice sure, but expensive and I was really into the idea of getting a vintage one.

And really by surprise I found it.

Chanel Vintage Bag Malia Keana

To me this bag is perfect. It is so me and I love wearing it.

Vintage is trending

I could have gotten a new bag but I believe that vintage bags and clothes are just as beautiful as new ones and they tell a story. Maybe they have been worn by another person and maybe they are imperfect but to me this makes them even more beautiful and rare. I love the idea that these pieces are rare and only few people have them. If you take good care of them and appreciate them – who knows. If Chanel bags are so valuable a vintage one can go up in value, too.

If you decide to buy something new that is fine and I totally understand that. But if you want to get a bag and yes they are expensive, you should at least consider getting a second hand one. Lots of local second hand stores offer these bags at great deals too. So if is really about the bag and the model – for me second hand is the best option. If you just want to have a Chanel bag or it is an investment I get that it should be new (but will you really wear it then?).

Chanel Vintage Bag Malia Keana

My fav online vintage stores for designer bags and clothing

I found my vintage bag at vestiarecollective.com and I think they have the biggest collection of designer second hand. I also sold some stuff there and I really like that they check the items before they send it to you.

Another great find for me was vintage-paris.com. They are a vintage store from Paris with an online store and have very rare Chanel bag models and they are always in great condition.

I would love to see your vintage pieces. If you have them on instagram use the hashtag #maliasvintagechallenge and show me what you have or you are more than welcome to upload them here in the comments.

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