How I edit my pictures

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I get a lot f messages on Instagram asking on how I edit my pictures, what kind of camera I use etc.

So first of all, my modeling pictures are edited by the photographers and I would never edit the picture afterward or put a filter on. That is a sign of disrespect for the work of the photographer. Also always keep in mind to tag and credit the people involved, because if you don’t it is also showing that you don’t respect their hard work.

So how do I edit my pictures? Which camera do I use?

I use my cellphone (iPhone 7), the Lomo Instant Automat and my Canon 700D (with the 50mm cf lense) for my pictures.

I shoot in raw, so that I keep all information of the pictures and can edit them afterwards.

In general I don’t edit my pictures too much, because that is not me. I like to keep it natural and relatable. So color correction and some changes of the background (if a person is in there or something else).

If I shoot with my phone I usually just use the App „AirBrush“ to put a filter on the pic and then I apply a frame or retro effect in the App „Afterlight“. I have Lightroom on my Phone, but I only use it rarely, to be honest I don’t know why.

When I edit pictures on my Mac I use Lightroom and Photoshop.

I usually start with lightroom and do my color corrections there, maybe I add a preset filter, depending on the things we shot and if it is suitable. For editorials I really like using presents, because they make the work so much easier for me and faster. For street style looks I usually do a little bit of color correction, because I don’t want to change the colors too much (otherwise, you order the dress or whatever and will be surprised it looks different in real).

When I am done in Lightroom I might do some touchups in Photoshop. That would be something on the background (if a person is in the pictures, birds, dirt, whatever). If we are looking at skin I don’t want to edit too much. First of all I am not a retoucher and I can only do very basic skin retouching and I want to keep it as natural as possible.

Here are two examples: 

Picture edited on my iMac with Lightroom and Photoshop

Unedited Lightroom
Edited with Lightroom and Photoshop

Picture edited on my iPhone 7

Malia Keana Editing pictures
Malia Keana Editing Pictures
Edited with App AirBrush
Malia Keana Editing Pictures
Edited with App Afterlight

If you have questions let me know. At this point I am not selling any presets, I haven’t even considered that yet. If you are interested I might think about it.


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