Oh my dear Australia …

*Verlinkung von Organisationen, unbezahlte Werbung*

I am so heartbroken to see Australia burning – for soon long already.

I know the media in Europe did not really cover this issue and just started to report about the severe bushfires in Australia. But Australia is already burning for months….

Some of you might remember my Christmas post about the organizations I donated to – which were already in Australia. The reason why Australia is so important to me is that I used to study there. I lived in Sydney for a year and I was able to experience this beautiful continent. So yes, it breaks my heart to see that Australia is burning and Notre Dame got more attention last year that this continent.

I am in no position to talk about politics but I do believe that we all have to change in our perspective and priorities. It is not enough to say I want to change. WE HAVE TO CHANGE OUR HABITS!

We have to understand that if we don’t globally change how we treat this planet this is just the beginning of a nightmare. It will become worse and worse. This is more than a wake up call. It is our last call to understand that we did nature wrong.

So if you are safe and your family and friends are safe be grateful for that and donate (even if is just 5€).

I am not going to post any pictures, because they just make me so sad and I can’t look at them anymore. I just really really hope we are doing better now. We understand and that we will change.

And I am hoping that besides all the help there will be rain for Australia. Soon.

Here is a list of organizations (taken from CNN Australia) you can support with donations or if you are in Australia yourself, drop off some things that are needed:

Please consider donating to these smaller wildlife fundings first, since they are also doing amazing work but havent gotten much attention yet:

Save the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black Cockatoo

Adelaide Kaoala Hospital

Dimmocks Retreat Wildlife

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Network

Water Stations for wildlife

With these organisations you will get updates on their work via gofundme and Instagram, which is pretty cool if you ask me

Where you can donate to
You can donate to the Australian Red Cross, which has volunteers at evacuation and recovery centers.
You can give to the Salvation Army Australia, which launched a disaster appeal. They’re providing shelter and meals to evacuees and front-line responders.
The St. Vincent de Paul Society Australia is requesting money to help evacuated families cover bills and rebuild.

For wildlife

The fires have killed and injured thousands of koalas and millions of other native animals.

You can help the devastated animal population by giving to WIRES, an Australian wildlife rescue nonprofit.
You can also give to these verified GoFundMe accounts set up for Port Macquarie Koala Hospitaland Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. You can also donate to Koalas in Care and Port Stephen Koalas.
On Friday a lightning strike caused a devastating fire on Kangaroo Island. An island with amazing wildlife and Koala land. Help the injured animals here. Kangaroo Island needs your help, too (when you donate you will also be updated on the work of this organization).
Smaller organizations also need our support. Therefore you can also donate to Wildlife Victoria
and 1300 Koalaz. These „smaller“ organization and the people behind it are doing amazing work and need our longterm support.

I will continue on updating my list here. Meanwhile feel free to share any organization in the comments. I am so grateful for your donations and your sharing.

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  1. Deb Verran

    Also if anyone wants to donate to wildlife in Victoria here is the link- http://wildlifevictoria.org.au Plus there is another organisation called the Rescue Collective (whose job it is to ensure that there is a food supply being maintained for all of the displaced wildlife-which is now a massive undertaking) – they have just set up a backup web site for donations Rescue Collective-Backup Wildlife Bushfire Link. This is going to take months to years to deal with all of this.

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