March 27th 2020

So this was my first one and a half weeks of „self quarantine“, which was actually not a real quarantine but rather a  more conscious time of social distancing and staying at home.

And here are some thoughts that I had – which I wanted to share with you and get off my chest.

During these past weeks I have seen so many things: economy collapsing, tears, people dying, selfishness (not in a good way), ignorant people outside, people standing together (in supporting each other from afar)… 

We were so spoiled by our lifestyle and the freedom of traveling that now we see again what it is not to be able to leave our own country. We fought so hard for our independency now to see that we are depending on a few people again. We worked so hard to be able to spend money on holidays which we can’t do anymore. We earned so much money and bought things, which don’t help us at all with this crisis.

I never understood why certain professions like soccer players earn so much money, when nurses and care takers do so much more for our society and earn so less. I will never understand this discrepancy and the discussion why one single person is worth so much.

I think we have to rethink many parts in our life and society. We have become so selfish and self-centered that we lost focus on many things. Being grateful for being healthy, having a healthy family and friends, a home, food are just a few things amongst a long list. On one hand we have become more aware of global warming but never really took huge steps toward being greener.

And now a virus made that decision for us. A virus has shown us, that we have to support each other more. That we have to realize that we cannot just be selfish anymore. We have to slow down. Earth needs to take a breath. We need to take a breath. Do we really want to live for our job? What will it cost us to be more sustainable? What really matters anymore?

I looovee traveling and I love being near the ocean. So this right now for me is like when I was 6 years old and my mum send me to my room for a day. We should not go out and we are old enough to understand why we should stay in. I love fashion and now all stores are closed and small businesses are insolvent. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, we would experience such movie plot?!

People are loosing their savings, their house, their business. People are buying toilet paper in bulks. People are shit storming on others because they still behave like there is no corona virus.

I am sure when this is all over and we all slowly go back to normal again, we will have learned so much. To appreciate our freedom even more. To be thankful for professions that seemed so common. Being thankful that communication is so easy these days (just imagine you would have to write letters to your loved ones again).

I believe we should all take this time we have now and rethink of what really matters to us. What we want from life. What we are willing to change from now on. How we want to be remembered. And how we are going to rebuild. Because, yes, we are in this together and we will get out of this together. The question if you are getting out as a better version of yourself is solely your decision…. Choose wisely. 


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