How to survive homeoffice

To myself homeoffice has been by base for as long as I can think. It is more unusual for me to work in a real office than from home or remotely.

So I totally understand why many people feel overwhelmed in their new home office and cannot focus or feel left alone. I have hope for you: homeoffice can be fun and there is one good thing about it. You choose – in every aspect. So during times of corona crisis, here are some of my strategies to successfully work in a homeoffice:

  • Make a plan and stick to it:

A time schedule just like your usual work day is essential. Without a plan we are lost and procrastination is our biggest enemy. I am not saying that there won’t be down periods but they are certainly less with a strict plan. So at the beginning of each week try to plan your work week and try to implement homework and other things as well. It makes you see that structure is possible and essential. I would rather pack my day with more things like cleaning or sports than having too much free time and get stuck on social media.

  • Behave like in your office:

I mean yeah your mind is a beautiful and powerful thing. I love the jokes about working naked at your home office or the memes we actually see everywhere right now. But – do you really feel so serious during a conference call if you are sitting there in your undies? I don’t and I want to be just as serious in my home office as I would be on site. Of course you don’t have to be styled like just getting out of a hairdresser and make up studio, but some serious vibes like wearing casual work clothes aren’t too difficult right? If you even want to go further – dress up. Now is the time to wear your fancy clothes to work. I mean why not?!

  • Get used to it:

If homeoffice is new for you take your time to get used to it. I am now in a position where I can say I am extremely productive in a structured homeoffice day. I can do a lot. But it was a long way. And sometimes even that homeoffice day does not have enough hours for me. So get used to work from home, take breaks and don’t be too hard on yourself. It will work out, I promise.

  • Be grateful:

Being in a position to work from home is a privilege if you ask me. Because in my opinion it is a freedom lots of jobs and positions don’t offer. I am even in the amazing position that I only need internet to work. So be thankful for that. Don’t take it for granted.

  • Take breaks:

Something I also still struggle with but luckily I have Karl – who wants me and needs me to take breaks. Just because you are working from home you should still take breaks. Get some fresh air and have a snack. Just business as usual.

  • Be flexible:

Homeoffice to me is being more flexible and more spontaneous. You can actually work and learn a lot from that time. Because sometimes there is less work but you can still use that time and be productive. Clean up, prepare dinner. Just try to use the time wisely and don’t waste it.

  • Take care of yourself:

Homeoffice is so different from usual offices. Sitting in a chair the entire day is not so good for your posture, so do some online workout (and after corona spoil yourself with a massage). Take care of yourself. I realized that working at a homeoffice for me made me forget that I also have to treat myself sometimes. So now I have a routine of getting a massage now and then, maybe invite myself to dinner, get a beauty treatment (of course not at the moment, but again after corona). You can spoil yourself and support your local business in doing so.

  • Laugh

I promise it works. If you smile while speaking on the phone or sitting by yourself – your mood will be better if you smile. I am doing it all the time and it feels good. Also you don’t always have to be 100 % serious. It is homeoffice and if it is new – well you are of course allowed to make some jokes about your new workplace. Just be creative and be happy.

  • My last and most important thought:

Leave your work out of your home. And yes – home office but leaving work out of your home?! That is a contradiction in itself right. And trust me it is the most difficult part. Even for myself, because I am so used to have my work home. Sometimes it feels like I am never not working. But that is wrong and not healthy at all. So if you stick to your schedule there is a certain time, when you would leave your usual office and workplace. So then you should do the same in your homeoffice. Switch off the phone and shut down your labtop. Your work day is over. You are free to leave your work for today. Tomorrow is another day.


So I really hope that helps you a bit with your maybe new homeoffice situation. Let me know how you deal with your homeoffice and what strategies you use.

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