Wanderlust: Canary Islands – Gran Canaria part 2

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Welcome to the second part of my Gran Canaria travel guide. Shall we?!

Places to discover


You cannot visit Gran Canaria and not have a hike in the dunes of Maspalomas. Once you enter the area you will surely feel like you are in the Sahara. Either go for sunrise or sunset, because it gets really hot during the day and make sure you bring water and sunscreen. But you can find your own dune and watch sunset from there. If you are in love with the stars, go stargazing in the night. This place is true magic.


To me the most underrated place currently. I was surprised how nice the small town on the beach was and I am not lying when I say it is a great spot for surfing and stand up paddling. Aguineguín offers some cute restaurants, the real island vibe and a nice beach. Definately worth a day of your vacation.

Puerto de Mogán

If you are in love with colours and flowers you have to put Puerto the Mogán on your bucketlist. This place is a painting of vibrant colours and called the Venice of Spain. Streets covered in flowers and a beautiful Marina with great restaurants. Home to Yellow Submarine and great boat tours can also be booked here.

Puerto de las Nieves/Agaete

Did you know that you can take the fast ferry from Agaete and go to Tenerife in just 2 hours? Agaete is located in the north of Gran Canaria and a cute fishing village with a black sand beach. You will spot beautiful green mountains and even the Finger of God there (Dedo de los Dios). You will also find beautiful natural pools in Agaete.

Puerto Rico

Home to Mogan Mall and The Market Puerto Rico and just around the corner of Playa de Amadores. In Puerto Rico you can go on whale and dolphin watch tours (by Spirit of the Sea) and maybe you are the lucky one to spot some Orcas passing by the Canary Islands.

Eating out (all restaurants offer vegetarian and even vegan options)

I think Gran Canaria offers a great selection of restaurants for everyone. However I am a big fan of modern eating concepts and I love eating with beach views.

Las Burras Beachhouse – San Agustin

Las Burras Beachhouse is the latest addition to the beautiful bay of San Agustin right at Playa de Las Burras. A beautiful island life restaurant with a yummy selection of local food and even with vegetarian and vegan options. The perfect spot for a romantic sundowner or dinner.

Allende 22° – Playa del Inglés

Allende 22° opened in 2017 and is a calm restaurant, quite elegant with a Spanish fusion cuisine I would say. A very different style from most other restaurants in that area and a unique concept, which I personally love a lot.

The Market Puerto Rico – Blossom art & food

On the opposite side of Mogan Mall is The Market Puerto Rico – a complex of different restaurants and sustainable shops. Check out the homepage and find your perfect pic for lunch or dinner or check out the gallery and browse around these tasty places.

Sot Café – Aguineguín

A hip coffee place in Aguineguin with a minimalistic modern design. They even offer breakfast picknicks for take away and the sandwiches are delicious.

Mercadito Ibérico – Aguineguín

If you want to taste Gran Canaria this is the place to be. It is a real secret spot and you will mainly meet locals in this tapas restaurant. The menu offers a huge variety of Spanish and Canarian tapas and the atmosphere is really relaxing.

Shop till you drop

Mogan Mall

The latest shopping addition to the island and located in Puerto Rico. Mogan Mall offers a unique shopping experience, a brand new beautiful location with more that 41 shops, lots of parking space and bars & restaurants. The mall is on the opposite side of The Market Puerto Rico and you can even see the magic fountains there once it is dark.

Las Arenas

Is a huge shopping mall in the center Las Palmas. You will find all shops there from Zara to Sfera, to Lefties etc. If you go there make sure you also visit Playa de las Canteras – the beach of Las Palmas.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria and has a very nice older town. Shops can be found in the entire city and it is definitely worth to go on a shopping stroll and discover this beautiful place. But make sure you bring a jacket, because Las Palmas is always a bit more chilly than the sunny south of the island.

I would like to point out one thing – this blogpost is written not to trigger anybody when it comes to negative feelings about lockdown or Corona. It is rather a source of inspiration. Whether you want to travel in the future or are able to travel now. I kindly ask you to respect the local Corona rules as well as current travel restrictions.

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