The day Covid happened …

On the 24th April 2021 I was tested positive for Covid-19. I was asymptomatic and healthy. I was only tested, because there was a free test available for me and I wanted to meet my parents and make sure, I am not sick.

But I was positive.

A second antigen test (selftest) and a PCR test confirmed that I apparently had Covid – while I was already in quarantine.

The lab results of the PCR test even showed that I had a CT value of 18.1 (which is very contagious) and that my version of Covid was the British mutation.

I did everything right. I got tested. I went straight into quarantine. I informed the few people I had contact with. They were tested negative. But still it felt like I did something wrong.

How did I get infected? I am mostly at home, I work from home, I wear a FFP2 mask and I obey all social distancing and hygiene rules. So how did I get infected?

As the mutations are more and more contagious – we get infected more easily. Maybe even when I was in the supermarket or taking my dog for a walk. I will never know, but what I do know is that I will even be more careful now. Even though I had it already and even though I might develop antigens.

Quarantine was the hardest part. Not being able to have real contact to other persons and not being able to have my dog around. Being by myself all the time and wondering if this is it or if it will get worse.

I had mild to no symptoms at all. I never really felt sick during quarantine, just a little off on two days. But I had far worse days of migraine in my life, so I cannot say how Covid-19 feels. To me personally, I was lucky, I apparently have a great immune system, but it did not feel bad.

I must have developed a sinusitis and my smell is still less than usual. I have a bit of a headache due to blocked nose and sinusitis.

I monitored everything by writing a diary and after a week I tested myself again with an antigen test. That test was negative; a second one was negative too. I don’t know at this point if it was over or not – it felt like it was over two days ago already.

My fear was, and that must have been because I was asymptomatic, that I had no idea if I was already through the worst part or of the worst was yet to come. We hear so many bad stories about Covid that we forget that everyone is different. We all react different to certain illnesses or diseases and therefore we believe in universal things, but I have seen again that I myself know most about my body. I knew I had Covid when I received the positive test result and I kept on saying that I will not develop any symptoms. I would be all right. And I also said to my parents on day 5 that I believe it is over. On day 7 I tested myself negative.

I am not a physician and certainly not a virologist but I have my intuition and I believe when it comes to my health that is a very important part.

So of course I remained in quarantine till day 14 (two full weeks) and tested again. That test was negative.

I cannot give you any advise on how you might experience Covid or how your quarantine could be but I believe that a strong social system is important. That friends and family should check in from time to time.

It does not help to get bad vibes from anyone during quarantine. I urge everyone to be empathic and nice to those ones who are in quarantine, no matter if they have been tested positive or if it is just precaution measures. They are there by themselves. They might be scared and they certainly feel very lonely.

Spare your comments and just be there, listen and try to be positive for them too.

Maybe send flowers or a postcard, the little things are so important. Make sure you ask how they are. Do video calls, have dinner via facetime. But don’t leave them alone. Let them be scared, let them feel loved.

And on another note – if you have the opportunity to get tested for free – do it. You never know if you can be positive but be asymptomatic and maybe a risk for others. A test does not hurt – but it can help and prevent other from getting infected. Also try to wear you facemask all time outside (I know it sucks, but it sucks more to be in quarantine trust me). Wash your hands, try to keep the distance. If you have a feeling that you are sick or need to get a test – go for it. Maybe even do a selftest to be safe. Trust your guts – the feeling will be right.

I am now out of quarantine and really grateful that I did not develop any symptoms and that I still feel as healthy as before Covid happened to me. I don’t know if there will be any long-term changes in my health like Long Covid – but I know my body. I believe I will be all right. I believe this is over for me, nothing else will happen.

And still I cannot wait to get my vaccination – because I miss the life we had two years ago.

I miss summer outside, drinks on a balcony with friends, I will beach parties, I miss travelling without the risk of getting stuck somewhere and I miss the ocean. I miss spontaneous meetings with friends, I sometimes miss window-shopping. I miss the weekend getaway; I miss the sushi dinner with my boyfriend. I miss all the little things that were so easy two years ago and are now so difficult or even not possible.

But I believe it will be like this again in the future – I believe this will be over soon and I believe we will all be able to do the things we personally miss again. And I hope that we all learned one thing: to appreciate life (our life) and to appreciate the little things more. Nothing is for granted. Never again.

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