Wanderlust: Canary Islands – Fuerteventura Part 1

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After my Wanderlust post about Gran Canaria it is time to check out another of the seven Canary Islands: Fuerteventura. 

Fuerteventura stands for strong winds and it is not a surprise that wind- and kitesurfers love the island. It is the second biggest one (after Tenerife) and is only 100 km away from Africa (north coast). Fuerteventura has a steady hot and windy climate – the perfect conditions for Aloe Vera and is also a popular place for international fashion and movie productions. 

Your Home away from Home

Again I realised that picking the right Hotel has become maybe the most important part of our vacation. This time Karl was even travelling with us and I wanted to make sure that since he is blind – the Hotel we are staying at it going to feel like home for him. 

Buendía Corralejo NoHotel

Buendía Corralejo is located in the northern part of Fuerteventura in Corralejo. A hip and modern place – mostly attracted by locals and surfers. 

Buendía is more than just a hotel – it is a NoHotel, which means it is rather your home during the holidays than a classic Hotel. Lots of locals also check in here and celebrate the way of digital nomads. A workation not only for tourists but locals #livelikealocal. 

The apartments are equipped with everything you need in order to not even realise that you are not at home and Buendía offers not only cleaning but laundry service and relaxation at a pool, a private terrace or solarium. The gym is perfectly if you need to work out after a long day of zoom meetings and the And Waves Food & Drinks makes you want to eat out during lunch break. 

You will easily #becomeacostero at Buendía because your “new home” also offers surf lessons at the local beaches and gym classes (like Yoga, Pilates etc.) at the integrated Synergy Studio Fuerteventura. 

Buendía has special Covid-19 measures on site – you will feel safe and perfectly good at all times – no room for worries. 

Another pro of Buendía is the local aspect – #notouristlife and #buendiacommunity stand for a certain feeling you get when you are staying at Buendía. It feels like family. The moment you step in – you feel at home. I can certainly say that Karl really liked it there and that is a sign for me that he felt at home as well. 

Buendía is also a sustainable hotel – which means they have taken certain measures in reducing their waste production, using local products, sustainable products. Travelling in the future needs more of that and I am very happy to see that Buendía is already taking these meaures. 

For me as loving a workation Buendía was the perfect choice – the wifi was super fast and steady and the location was great. Restaurants and beautiful beaches were even in walking distance and Corralejo is such a beautiful place – lots of young people and amazing restaurants. 

We will definitely come back to stay another time in our home away from home. 

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