Dear 2022

Dear 2022,

we have very high expectations for you. You will be overwhelmed with wishes like – please let us get back to normal and please just be easy on us. I am afraid that most of these expectations will be hard to meet. 

There is a weight on your shoulders – because since two year we wish for the same: healing. 

The last two years have been hard for us, society, the world. It seems like the entire world is fighting a battle, a universal one – with demons from the past. 

Dear 2022, I am not going to say this year was bad. To be honest, this and the last year might have been on the best years of my life. Yes, lockdown was hard, social distancing is hard. I miss my friends, I miss travelling. I miss how easy everything was before we had to fight a virus. But my year was good. 

2021 was great, because I made it great. I fought for myself, I set my goals, I faced my challenges. It was not easy but it was worth it. 

I met so many amazing people along the way of the last two years who I never want to miss again. I lost friends along the way – yes that is true too. I realised that I have to let go – more than I wanted. 

I fulfilled my long-time dream, I was successful at work. I am at a level I never thought I would reach. And I am grateful. But this did not happen overnight and no virus got in my way. I worked for this. And I am not going to say it was a shitty year – because it was not. 

I might not always have been happy this year – but I am content. I am lucky of the chances I got from this year and even more satisfied on how I worked with these chances. 

So dear 2022, I don’t want to put too high expectations on you – because it is on me to make you great. To make you another year that I will love and many more chances to take. 

I am ready for you 2022 – I cannot wait to meet you. I will fight just as hard as in 2021.

Life is worth it. 

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