Is VERO the new game changer?

This post will only be available in English, no worries German followers, you will understand it ;)

Ok so here we are – there is a new App in town and it is called VERO.

We all complained about the changes of Instagram towards Facebooks algorithm and how hard it is now to grow organically. In order to get more reach Instagram makes you pay and is limiting your reach for whatever reasons (if you did something wrong or whatsoever). Instagram is still maybe one of the most important social media apps, but VERO – True Social is here to change the game….

VERO is a social media app just like Instagram an Facebook where you can connect with others (by just following them or by getting a real connection as friend, relative, etc.). You can share links, videos, recommendations, images and you can like and comment on the shared content of others. But here is the catch – VERO is not limiting your reach, has a chronological order of posts and does not do as much sponsored posts as Facebook or Instagram.

If you post something you can also choose who can see your post (you choose between your friends, relatives, etc.). The design is black and simple. You don’t need much time to figure out how it works. Unfortunately on my phone the app is a bit slow, but I guess thats just at the moment.

So I just registered with VERO and so far I like it. Of course it is starting from scratch and will take a while to be comparable to Instagram or Facebook. But I think it is worth to give it a shot and see how it will turn out with the next months. And I am also happy to see that there is a movement towards „old school“ social media :)

Vero App Malia Keana
Vero App Malia Keana

Are you on VERO? You can find me @maliakeana – let get connected and let me know how you like it.

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